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Arlington Children's Center Tuition Information

Dear Parents

We believe we offer one of the best childcare with finest educational program in the Washington area. 

Our program is designed to provide a wide variety of learning opportunities in a loving and safe environment.  Our staff is trained to provide a quality curriculum, which will prepare your child for a future education.


A $100.00 Registration Fee and a first week tuition are due upon registration. The fees are non-refundable.  Registration Fee and a first week tuition will reserve your space.

Waiting list

If space is not currently available in the program of your choice, a completed application, $100.00 Registration Fee, and a first week tuition will reserve the next available space for your child. The children of Arlington County employees have a first right to be admitted to the center.   The fees are not refundable. 

             Regular Tuition Rates:  


   Infant Group

$447.00 per week


   Group 1 and 2

$420.00 per week


   Group 3

$350.00 per week


   Group 4

$336.00 per week


Part Time programs for Group 3 and 4




   Three Days



   Two Days


Second child discount 10%


Tuition for Arlington County Employees - 25% off regular prices. 
All tuition payments are due in advance; Monday before 12:00am.  There is a late fee charge of $10.00 per day for payments made after 12:00 am on Monday.  Cash payments are not accepted.  Returned Check fee $50.00, The Center reserves the right to adjust tuition at any time.
Summer camp activities fee (shows, trips, performances):  $100.00
Optional Fees: Ballet Class for 10 sessions: $70.00


More information on  Enrollment Procedure - Admission page

or visit our   ACC Picture Galleries page


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